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Our Policy

       It is the policy of the AEC Company to provide a safe and healthy place of employment, free of
recognizable hazards, for all of it's employees and for the public in each of this corporation's
operations, and to voluntarily abide by all safety regulations as they pertain to our industry. Safety
and health will always take precedence over more expedient unsafe operations. Every attempt
will be made to provide equipment and create conditions that will make for a safe and healthy
work place. We will provide safety and health education and training to all of our employees, who
are expected to read and understand the Rules of Safety that are provided on each job site. Any
employee who willfully disregards known safety and health practices will be subjected to strong
disciplinary action. In the case of subcontractors, they will be required to abide by the provisions
of this policy. At AEC, we make safety a condition of employment.
For the purpose of reinforcing the values which we have placed on our Corporation these values
are listed as a part of this section.

  1.The safety of our people is more important than out profits. ,
    2. Regulatory compliance and environmental protection is more important than profits.

    3. The reputation of our Company is more important than profits.

    4. Quality service and a satisfied customer are more important than p10fitS.

    5. We will bid work where we can do safe, regulatory, compliant, and quality work at a
reasonable profit of our company.
    6. We must thoroughly plan our projects, estimates, procedures, and programs.

    7. We must have top quality people in our Company.

    8. We must treat employees with respect and dignity.

    9. We must always be truthful and ethical in our discussion and dealings,

    Each member of management must have goals and values in mind when managing a unit,
regardless of the size and complexity of the unit. But in our operations, we must always be
mindful of these points in order to assure the success of our Company.

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